On November 25 a real show of stage play and talent took place in ONMU.

"Not just good students, but great theaters are studying at ONMU" are the words of many spectators which were presenting at the play "About Fedot-shooter" by Leonid Filatov. Director - candidate of historical sciences Valery Levchenko.

Spectators were applauding on foot and shouting bravo! What could be better for an actor, director, musician, and anyone who has made a significant contribution to the show.

Theatrical performances to the birthday of the university are already a good tradition, and even more so when the performance is high-quality, bright, with beautiful costumes, filled with a talented cast of actors and most importantly seasoned with love.

We are very grateful to the creators, we wish them creative inspiration, a great scene and even more to bring such aesthetic pleasure to the viewer. We are waiting for new theatrical performances!

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